Channeling the Voice of Life
– Sammy Leung's Experience Sharing

Sammy Leung gives us a firsthand narrative of his own experience at dealing with emotional problems: on how he faced all kinds of hurdles brought by mood issues and absented from the precious time with his family. How did he overcome the many difficulties and recover with the help of appropriate treatment?

In this video, Sammy also explores ways to cope with emotional issues with two psychiatrists, who will share professional insights into the maintenance of psychological wellbeing.

Video 1: Sammy Leung’s experience sharing in emotional distress
Video 2: Are you getting unexplainable headache or stomachache? These could be induced by your mood! (Chinese only)
Video 3: Do you have trouble falling asleep even when you are exhausted? (Chinese only)
Video 4: Even comedies can’t cheer you up? (Chinese only)
Video 5: Constant fight in health is stressing you out? (Chinese only)
Video 6: Let's see how the “Emotional Assistant” can help people


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